Luas Times Help

Luas Times Help

Hopefully Luas Times will be an easy enough app for you to use but here are some pointers.

When you start for the first time it will be on the red line. Simply press the switch icon in the action bar to change to the green line.  Clicking on the name of the stop will allow you to change to another stop.  There is also a refresh icon in the action bar to refresh the times.

You can select any other stop from the drop down list and the next luas times will be shown. Generally ‘Inbound’ means heading towards the city centre and ‘Outbound’ is heading away from the city centre.  The numbers that are shown are the due times at the selected stop in minutes.


Preferences can be changed by pressing the menu key and selecting “Settings”.

Select Nearest Stop

This preference will make the app select the closest stop to you when it starts up.

Stop Filter Preferences

These settings allow you to show only the stops that you are interested in.  Firstly enable the option and then choose the stops to show from the drop down lists.  Be sure to click OK to save your choice as clicking cancel will discard any unsaved changes.

Other preferences are listed on the settings screen but they have not been enabled yet.

Times missing?

If there are no times displayed there may be a problem with the website. I get the times from there so if they are missing on then they will be missing in the app too.  You can check to see if they are working on by going to and seeing if there are any times shown in the black boxes.

32 thoughts on “Luas Times Help

  1. An incredably helpful offering avoiding the ‘just missed the Luas’ scenario. Thank you very much. Peter

  2. Hi, this app worked perfectly until I updated it. Now no times are coming up. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Would appreciate any advice as to why the problem…

      1. Hi Barry, the problem is ongoing since sunday. Has the luas site stopped displaying times by any chance? Really love this app especially first thing in the am so gutted it’s not working. Cheers! Lorraine

      2. Hi Lorraine, there’s a link down the bottom of the app to report problems. Maybe that is worth a shot as the people may not know the site is broken.

  3. Always used this app on my Samsung Gs2 and worked great.
    Now installed it on a new Samsung Gs3 (4g -4g disabled) but No Settings menu at bottom-just Help.So cannot set anything.It just stays on default stop (Stph Grn).Very disappointed.Can you please fix?-thanks.

      1. What is action bar? Is this the line switch icon? Just tried that and it just switches the lines as normal but problem still there ,which is that there is no Settings option appearing when I select menu.The Help option just appears by itself in a single bar on the bottom of display without the Settings option above it.(I have the working Gs2 beside to compare)So is this a problem with incompatibility with new Samsung GS3(4G)??

      2. Hmmm. Short answer is I don’t know but I’ll check it out. I don’t have an sgs3 but I’ll see if I can emulate one. Do you see a vertical … to the right of the switch icon by any chance? Do you see a gear icon? If you can please try sending me a screenshot. pressing the power key and volume down at the same time should take a screen shot.

  4. Barry -That’s it !-Problem Solved -Thanks.
    For anybody else with SamGS3..
    There is a vertical bar (3 dashed line -I think) just to the right of the train line switch icon.BUT (on my phone anyway) -it is BARELY VISIBLE.
    It appears to be MORE THAN greyed out -I nearly did not see it – but it is there and touching it brings up the settings menu as normal.
    Thanks a million Barry -great App -and as you say it is perfect for when just rushing up to luas stop.Pat.

  5. I’m running your app on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Previously I had the app on the Galaxy S1. I have noticed that the option to set your default luas stop no longer exists. Do you plan to change this in the future.
    Also, while not a real problem, the display is now a lot more basic to what is was a few months ago.

    1. Hi Gearoid,

      There used to be an option for the default line. The app now knows which line you were on and opens that line when you open the app the next time. The reasoning behind that is that most people won’t be using more than one line but I’m open to suggestions.

      The display shows the same data that used to be there, what do you find that is missing?


  6. I have changed the filter to one station and that seems to work, although you were able to set it that it would default to the nearest station.

  7. Hi. Great app. I have used it for a while but recently it’s not selecting the nearest stop so I have to scroll through the list. I changed my phone from Google Nexus S to Google Nexus 5 recently… Is there something I need to do to get this to work again?


    1. Hi Fintan, that feature was removed as it was causing a few issues with incorrect times and I wanted to make the app simpler. A workaround would be to enable the stop filter in the settings to remove stops you don’t use.

      1. Could you perhaps add a “morning” stop and an “afternoon” stop for regular commuters like myself? You don’t need GPS coordinates to know that I’ll be heading *to* work in the morning and vice versa in the afternoon. Right now, I have to manually switch twice a day.

  8. The “Select Nearest Stop” was a very nice feature, any plans to reinstate it again? Nevertheless, great app and very useful.

  9. Hi,

    I’ve been using the app for a while now and it’s great. It appears to be broke now tho.

    I’m on an Android device (android 5.0.2) its a HTC One m8. The error is is a certPathValidationException.


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