Making the most of Virgin Media’s new speeds

Virgin Media (the ISP formerly known as UPC) sent one of their “we’re going to start charging you more money” e-mails recently. I decided to cave and migrate to the 240Mb plan from the 120Mb one that I was on. There are a few tricks to being able to actually use this speed though.

HTCData junk left in contacts

I’ve switched between HTC, Samsung, and Nexus phones a lot over the years. I noticed some junk data in my contacts a long time ago, but I didn’t get annoyed enough to fix it until this weekend. The issue is that HTC leaves a lot of metadata behind it in your contacts. If you’re affected […]

How to test Windows Phone app upgrades

Properly testing app upgrades on Windows Phone is not as straightforward as it could be. When you deploy a XAP from the IDE or with the XapDeploy tool the build system will evaluate whether an incremental update is possible or if a full redeploy is required.  A full redeploy will remove all of the app’s […]

The curious case of the Gradle wrapper and source control

I was setting up a Gradle-based Android project on Jenkins today.  I had read in a few places that Gradle would be downloaded somehow after installing the corresponding plugin but the build was failing within seconds of starting.  My SDK was fully up to date and I had already set ANDROID_HOME but the build was […]

Android Studio

Just uploaded the start of a page about migrating to Android Studio from Eclipse.  It is going to be like a scratchpad for remembering all of the new keyboard shortcuts and new features.