Port 8888 blocked when you restart Windows

This is an interesting one.  I’m doing some Windows Phone development at the moment and I usually run a debugging proxy on my local machine on port 8888. After a routine reboot my proxy wouldn’t start up because port 8888 was already in use.  I did a “netstat -b -a” to find out what process […]

Linkifying a TextView after setting text

Just a quick one.  You probably already know that you can automatically convert URLs in a TextView into clickable links like this: mTextView.setAutoLinkMask(Linkify.WEB_URLS); I recently learned that this will only work where you can call setAutoLinkMask() before setting text in the TextView.  The simple solution is to set the text after calling setAutoLinkMask(), but if […]

Quickly toggle between standard and special F keys on OS X

By default OS X assigns special actions to F keys like F1, F2: Brightness F3, F4: Dock, Expose And so on… These are great when you’re browsing and consuming media but when you start working in IDEs and other applications with complex keyboard shortcuts I want the F keys to behave like standard F keys. […]