Resolving Android theme colours programmatically

The Android styling and theming system can be an enigmatic beast at the best of times. In some of the SDKs at Zendesk, we need to resolve theme attribute colours at runtime, and today I learned that there’s a big difference depending on whether you specify a colour as a reference or as a literal value.

HTCData junk left in contacts

I’ve switched between HTC, Samsung, and Nexus phones a lot over the years. I noticed some junk data in my contacts a long time ago, but I didn’t get annoyed enough to fix it until this weekend. The issue is that HTC leaves a lot of metadata behind it in your contacts. If you’re affected […]

Are your androidTestCompile dependencies mysteriously missing?

Being a responsible devloper (sic) I like to add unit and instrumentation tests when I add or change code. For reasons Mockito disappeared from my Android instrumentation tests this morning. My project is set up as a library module and an application module that uses the library. Read on to find out how to fix […]