Luas Times now open source

I decided to remove the ads from Luas Times and to upload the source to github under an ASL 2.0 licence.  It’ll be interesting to see if I get any patches!  I’ve also created a donate button in case anyone would like to buy me a beer for the apps or posts that I’ve made.

Luas Times Update

Following a request from the RPA I have taken down the paid version of Luas Times.  All money generated from sales has been donated to Barretstown.  In the coming week I will be posting an update to the existing paid users advising them of this. Development of the free ad-supported version is OK to continue.

Luas times are incorrect

Unfortunately the times on the luas site are wrong for a number of stops at the moment.  This means that the times in the app will be wrong too.  Hopefully they will fix the issue soon.

Luas Times 1.6

Just released Luas Times 1.6 to the Android Market. This version has more frequent location updates and should have better power management too. I have also added a new preference that allows you to filter the list of stops so that only the stops that you are interested in will be shown.