Arcus Dictionary Pro was the first app that I created for Android.  I made it because I wanted a good dictionary that I could also use offline.  After using it myself for a while I polished it up and made it available on the market.

Ad-supported and paid versions are available.  Please note that the original app, “Arcus Dictionary” (without the pro) is in maintenance mode and does not receive any new features.

market link for arcus dictionary
Arcus Dictionary

Luas Times is a small app that I wrote over a weekend after the live times were made available on the website.  It transcodes the timing data from the site in a very efficient manner and uses your location to auto-select the nearest stop.  You can also filter out stops that you don’t have any interest in.

The RPA are developing their own app too and it will probably be more comprehensive than mine.  I think I’ll keep Luas Times simple and to the point as it is primarily used when you are rushing to the stop!

As of June 2012 the app is also ad-free and open source.

Luas Times Market QR Code
Luas Times

5 thoughts on “Apps

  1. Hello Msbdroid developer.

    Looking for an offline dictionary has brought me here.
    I have read your 3 entries for, Free, Free with ADs and PRO versions.

    I will definitelly tryout your Free version first, with a reminder to buy (which I gladly accept to have).
    Now, questions:
    Since I am only intrested in two language dictionaries, (not translators), one being English and the other one I want is Spanish. ¿Do you only have the English dictionary?.
    If so, ¿How hard will it be to create a Spanish dictionary?
    (File format, file type, etc.)

    Before I say goodbye, I thank you for sharing your personal app.

    Have a nice day.
    Marco Quezada.

    1. Hi Marco, thanks for the comment. The dictionary is in English only. Unfortunately it is not possible to add other datasets because the app was designed to be quick and easy rather than as full-featured as some of the other dictionary apps out there.

  2. Hi Barry. Thank you very much for you speedy reply. It might not be the best thiing for me to have two dictionary apps, but what the heck, I’ll do it. I have not yet decided on another dictionary app for my “Spanish” need, but I’ll keep looking.
    Keep coding, you are doing us a big favor by doing so.
    Have a nice day.

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