Getting cheap nicotine gum in Ireland

I usually only blog about technical things but here’s one that is personal. I quit smoking in late 2012 and I have been using nicotine gum to help keep the cravings at bay.  I thought that paying ~€33.36 for a pack of 105 gums was decent value until I saw what they cost online…

The cost per gum bought from a high-street pharmacy works out to be about €0.32.  Naturally I would rather buy locally but the difference in cost between the high-street and online is staggering.

I went onto and found that I could get a pack of 210 4mg gums
for £22.85 and a pack of 210 2mg gums for £18.79.  The two packs combined cost me €50.50 when converted to euros.  Do note that you should pick Amazon as the seller as some marketplace sellers may charge more or may not ship to Ireland.

Put simply this brings the average cost per gum down from €0.32 to €0.12, a  62.5% saving! The prices on Amazon may fluctuate from time to time but they will almost certainly be massively cheaper than getting your gum on the high-street.

3 thoughts on “Getting cheap nicotine gum in Ireland

  1. You can get Niqero gum in Lombard Pharmacy, Lombard Street East, just off Pearse St, near Westland Row train station. They have the 2mg pack (36 gums) for €5.99 and the 4mg pack (36 gums) for €7.19.

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