Getting cheap nicotine gum in Ireland

I usually only blog about technical things but here’s one that is personal. I quit smoking in late 2012 and I have been using nicotine gum to help keep the cravings at bay.  I thought that paying ~€33.36 for a pack of 105 gums was decent value until I saw what they cost online…

Quickly toggle between standard and special F keys on OS X

By default OS X assigns special actions to F keys like F1, F2: Brightness F3, F4: Dock, Expose And so on… These are great when you’re browsing and consuming media but when you start working in IDEs and other applications with complex keyboard shortcuts I want the F keys to behave like standard F keys. […]

When Chrome’s search predictions stop working…

I had been experiencing this problem recently where I would no longer get search suggestions in Chrome’s omnibar.  The type of completion that was not working was the one where you might type ‘great’ and be offered ‘great wall of China’, and not a suggestion from your bookmarks or history.  Note that this solution is […]

Zsh, grails and “incorrect correction”

I’ve been using grails to prototype a crud application today and I thought I’d share some annoyances that I had in getting my terminal just the way that I like it.  Firstly I should say that I’m using Zsh with oh-my-ssh which gives you lots of nice things on top of the shell. Get command […]