Speck hardshell case for 13″ Macbook Pro review

I bought one of these cases a couple of weeks ago for my 13″ mid 2010 macbook pro.  I had previously bought an incase case but this one was about a tenner cheaper so I thought I was going to save myself some money.

When I un-boxed this case (clear version) I was disappointed to see that there were scratches on it already.  The case had become hazed due to the poor quality of the box’s construction.  I could live with bit of hazing though since it is bound to get scratched over a period of a few years.

The bottom part of the case is good and fits well without preventing access to any of the ports.

The top of the case is the polar opposite in terms of quality.  It doesn’t fit, plain and simple.  There is a gap of approximately 2mm at the centre point over the apple logo.  It doesn’t fit well over the top of the screen also and when you open the macbook from a closed position the case almost lifts off.  It feels cheap.

I’m that unhappy with the case that I have gone off an bought the Incase alternative.  Trying to save a few quid has left me with a substandard case and the extra expense of getting a proper case.  You live and learn.

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