T3 Online reviews Arcus Dictionary

T3 Online have just reviewed Arcus Dictionary, giving it four stars.  Not a bad review by any stretch of the imagination.

Their review suggests that spell-check is not available but it is there in settings if a user wants to enable it.  It did get me thinking that perhaps it should be enabled by default rather than the disabled state which is my own personal preference.

They also mentioned that the speech synthesis data was required on first use which is something I haven’t seen myself.  Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Head over to their review to check out what they said.

2 thoughts on “T3 Online reviews Arcus Dictionary

  1. Is it possible to use the Arcus Dictionary (paid version) without my mobile ever accessing the internet? I mean, can I use it offline, ALL the time – and does the app communicate for license verification and/or for updates? If so, can these be turned off?

    Thanks in advance for any answers you provide.

    1. Yes, that is possible. There is a checkbox in the app settings to prevent network access too. App updates will require network access but they’re optional and usually only for ui updates or bug-fixes.

      Voice recognition and web dictionary lookups also require net access but everything else is offline, including pronunciation.

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